Hehuanshan Independent Travel Tips

Hehuanshan is a location with great convenience. Travelers who don’t intend to drive by themselves can reach the destination easily by public bus or charter vehicle. It’s the most accessible high mountain in Taiwan. 

Sharp-pointed Mt. Hehuanjian, to witness a vestige of the Ice Age

Take the public bus or hire a charter vehicle?

Although there’s a comprehensive public transportation system in Taiwan, a direct bus line to Hehuanshan is not available; people have to travel on more than one bus to complete the trip. If you are:
You’re welcome to get ready for taking the public bus. 

However, if your group consists of a person who is a senior citizen or an underage child, you are suggested to plan a proper trip with a private car charter.
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Reach Hehuanshan by public bus
Firstly, there is no direct bus line to Hehuanshan; therefore, all passengers starting their trip from Taipei, Taichung, or Kaohsiung have to transfer to a public bus going to Qingjing Farm at Puli Station (operated by Nantou Bus Company); afterward, take the bus that runs between Qingjing Farm and Hehuanshan. Besides, passengers traveling on the bus from Hualien, the county on the east coast of Taiwan, the bus route ends at DaYuLing. There’s no bus running between DaYuLing and Song Syue Lodge.
Nantou Bus Company is operating a comprehensive bus network.

Taichung – Qingjing Farm Seamless Shuttle between Taichung Gancheng Station or THSR Taichung Station and Hehuanshan
In Taichung, travelers can find the shortest path to Hehuanshan – the bus ride takes about 2.5 to 3 hours. Nantou Bus Company provides a seamless shuttle service. At Taichung Gancheng Station (near Taichung Railway Station (TRA), a 10-minute walking distance) or Exit 5 of Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) Taichung Station, travelers can claim the transit pass (a queue number) for the seamless shuttle that runs from Taichung to Qingjing Farm.

By taking the seamless shuttle bus, travelers can take the same bus on the routes from Taichung to Puli and from Puli to Qingjing Farm. Passengers on the seamless shuttle bus don’t need to transfer to another bus at Puli. Once getting off at Qingjing, travelers transfer to bus 6658A going to Hehuanshan. (It’s suggested to make a reservation in advance.)

Bus 6658A is the only bus going to Hehuanshan.
Bus 6658A is the only bus going to WuLing, Song Syue Lodge, and Xiao Feng Ko of Hehuanshan. Due to the limited availability of seats on the three round trips per day, online reservations or telephone reservations should be made before the date of travel. Online reservation is available earlier than 4 to 7 days before the date of travel while telephone reservation is available earlier than 1 day (before noon) to 7 days ahead.

For online reservations to Hehuanshan, the options of the pick-up point are “Bus Stop” and “QingJing Guest House,” and the options of the drop-off point are “WuLing,” “Song Syue Lodge,” and “Xiao Feng Ko.” Passengers who plan to get on/off the bus at any stops in the middle of the route can’t make an online reservation. No fee will be charged when making an online reservation, passengers pay the bus fare by EasyCard upon getting on the bus; one-way fare is NTD95. Besides, if you plan a one-day trip, you may buy a one-day pass priced NTD160 from the bus driver for unlimited trips on the day of purchase – it offers the best value. Passengers are reminded to make reservations for their return trip as well.

▌Tips for going to Hehuanshan from Taichung or Taipei
Travelers who start their trip from Taichung by taking the earliest Bus 6658A to Hehuanshan at 8:20 a.m. are suggested to take Bus 6268 routed via national highway No. 6 (operated by Chuan Hang Tourism) at 5:30 a.m. from Taichung and get off at Puli East Station, which is the nearest location to connect via the bus operated by Nantou Bus Company. Travelers can take the Seamless Shuttle Bus 6658A going Hehuanshan at 7:05 a.m. and reach WuLing, the highest point in the Taiwanese highway system at 9:30 a.m. Then, the bus arrives at “Song Syue Lodge,” and “Xiao Feng Ko” before 10 a.m.

Travelers who start their trip from Taipei can catch up Bus 6658A departing from Taichung around 11:00 a.m.; the estimated time of arrival at Hehuanshan is noontime. For a one-day trip, travelers will have a very tight schedule. A 2-day-1-night trip or a 3-day-2-night trip is strongly recommended. Travelers can stay overnight at Song Syue Lodge, Skiing Hostel, or Qinjing Farm, not only to prevent altitude sickness but also to allow themselves to slow down the pace and enjoy Taiwan’s beautiful landscapes of mountains and forests to their heart’s content.

Four seasons make the natural landscapes in Hehuanshan beautiful and distinctive. Especially in winter, it becomes a popular travel destination for people who love the snowy scenery. During the other seasons, it’s the visitor’s favorite mountain to climb and hike around. Therefore, Song Syue Lodge and Skiing Hostel, the only two places offering accommodation inside Hehuanshan National Forest Recreation Area, are always fully booked. However, Qinjing Farm is another accommodation option for travelers who can’t book a room to stay overnight in the aforementioned two places. 
It’s the highest hotel in Taiwan having economic double suites, landscape double suites, and 4-person suites. The rates from the rooms range from NTD2,900 to NTD6,800 per night including buffet breakfast and dinner. All floors and rooms are facilitated with a heating system.

Song Syue Lodge

At a short distance away from Song Syue Lodge, it’s designed with shared rooms that are styled with the bed on the floor, a hostel for mountaineering and hikers with the bed rated at NTD1,200 per night, a cheap accommodation. The charge includes buffet breakfast and dinner at Song Syue Lodge. There is no heating system in the rooms, but electric heated blankets are available for rent from the reception.

Skiing Hostel

★ Tips for making a reservation
  1. Please log into the booking system and join the membership.
  2. Ask friends and family to help with booking online at the same time together. Booking online is faster, and better computer hardware speeds up the browser to get a confirmed reservation.

The reservation offers dates available up to 1 month in advance. The online booking is scheduled to begin at 6 a.m. For example, the booking system will open at 6 a.m. on February 1 for reserving a room on March 1. Each account can book 2 rooms in Song Syue Lodge with 1 reservation, 10 beds (a wide bed for many people) in Ski Hostel with 1 reservation.

Food and Beverage
The 3158 Café in Hehuanshan National Forest Recreation Area is Taiwan’s highest café offering coffee, milk tea, instant noodles, tea leaf eggs, and other quick and easy snacks. Song Syue Lodge offers a different buffet or hot pot meals to other non-guests. Travelers with other dietary preferences or restrictions are suggested to get food ready in Puli or Qinjing Farm.

Recommended Scenic Spots
Wuling is on the saddle between Hehuanshan Main Peak and Hehuanshan East Peak, and it’s at the altitude of 3,275 m to the north of Kunyang, the highest point of Taiwan’s highway. If lucky enough, travelers can observe the Southern Cross constellation at nights from April to June every year. The is the best location to view the snow scenery, the sunrise, the sunset, and the sea of clouds.  


Hehuashan, also known as “Mt. Hehuan,” is made up of seven summits, including Main Peak (3,417 m), East Peak (3,421 m), North Peak (3,422 m), West Peak (3,145 m), Shimenshan (3,237 m), Shmenshan North Peak (3,275 m), and Hehuan Jianshan (3,217 m); Hehuan East Peak Trail and Hehuan North Peak Trail are the most accessible routes in the area.

Mt. Hehuan East Peak Trail1   Xiaoqilai Grassland trailhead