Find your treasure in Taiwan!

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Find your treasure in Taiwan!

Elevation above sea level from 0 to 3,952m, the towering mountains, diverse forest physiognomies of tropical, temperate and frigid zone, and the story of ecological environment and multi-ethnic groups that live on this island are the hidden treasure worth exploring and the best reasons for visiting Taiwan.
Houwan Community - Canoe fun   Alishan Forest Railway (Chiayi Railway Station to Shizilu Station)

Heading from Alishan house hotel to the Mt. Ogasawara Viewing Lot to watch the amazingly beautiful Alishan sunrise.   Mountain Ali Tea No. 35

   The Mt. Ogasawara Viewing Lot is the best place to enjoy the sunrise at Alishan.   Kenting National Forest Recreation Area: geology exploring

Houwan Community nigari tofu experience   Kenting National Forest Recreation Area: Tree Climbing