《Temperate high mountains》 - Hehuanshan National Forest Recreation Area

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In spring and summer, savor the wonderful bloom of Hehuanshan’s Yushan Rhododendron

Find your treasure in Taiwan! Follow mountain climbers to hike throughout the area of Hehuanshan. You’ll enjoy the magnificent scenery of mountain ranges and the majestic diversity of the sea clouds, experiencing the beauty of Taiwan’s temperate high mountains.  
Song-Syue Lodge   starry sky
Hehuanshan, the easiest 3,000-plus mountain to climb in central Taiwan, provides one of the few examples in the world of coniferous forest found at an altitude higher than 3,000 meters. It’s a unique landscape combining the forest line of Abies Kawakamii (Hayata) and Yushan Cane. The moment of a sunny clear sky will be swiftly embraced by cloud and fog. To experience the changing landscape at a high elevation, start a hiking journey to the temperate high mountains. 

Hehuanshan snow   Hehuanshan, the easiest 3,000-plus mountain to climb in central Taiwan