《Sea and Forest》- Kenting National Forest Recreation Area

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Kenting uplifted coral reef ecosystem

Find your treasure in Taiwan!Led by the locals, you’ll explore the landscapes from mountains to the sea. Experience the  southern Taiwan with its rich and various nature.

There’re mountain and sea destinations available in Kenting. Walk into the Kenting National Forest Recreation Area to explore the geological treasure like the scenes in the movie Tomb Raider - the uplifted coral reef forest and Taiwan’s longest limestone cave, with the landscapes absolutely beyond your imagination.
Try the hand-picked Gangkou Tea, which is processed by hand kneading and filled with the smell of the sea , for a semi-sweet aftertaste. Heading for the sea, you can make marinated tofu with hand-harvested sea salt. On the beautiful and quiet sea, stand along on a SUP, feel the breeze, and enjoy the scenic sea view at sunset. Pack your bags and plan a mountain-sea adventure trip in Taiwan.

the Lanren Creek Waterfall   The wind and waves in the bay here are reliable and the water is safe, making it an ideal location for canoeing or SUP (stand-up paddleboarding) activities

Kenting uplifted coral reef ecosystem    At the Houwan Community you can join residents in making nigari (sea salt extract) tofu