《The Sound of Memory》-Alishan National Forest Recreation Area

Video introduction

Alishan Forest Railway

Find your treasure in Taiwan! Take the Alishan Forest Train running from the city to the mountain forests. Listen carefully to the relaxing river sound and the air whistle on a steam locomotive echoing in the mountains. You will see the beauty of Taiwan’s forest from a different perspective.

When the Alishan Train spirals upward to the top of the peak, your experience of a variety of forest sounds begins. Strolling around the recreation area, you can wander along the two Giant Trees Park Trails amidst a total of 36 Taiwan red false cypress trees over 1,000 years old. Use your senses to encounter unusual attractions including the Alishan Railway, forests, the sea of clouds, and sunrise. Take a journey on the hundred-year-old Alishan Railway!
Giant Trees Plank Trail   henyi Waterfall

seas of clouds, sunrises, and sunsets  Tashan Peculiar Rocks