《City Rainforest》- Neidong National Forest Recreation Area

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《City Rainforest》- Neidong National Forest Recreation Area -
Neidong Waterfall

Find your treasure in Taiwan! The forest is a secret land in metropolitan Taipei where the humid climate with its plentiful rainfall has created a paradise for ferns and a settlement that fosters Atayal culture. 

Spend the whole day escaping from the fast-paced life of the city. Walk into Neidong and feel the effects of the negative ions from the waterfall. Admire the mountain landscape by riding the Wulai log cart. In the Atayal tribal village, you can listen to the stories told by the indigenous people about their early ancestors. Following their lead, you can take a riverbank walk along the Daluolanxi River and enter the Ma’anguzhen Path. Stroll and take a deep breath while bathing in the forest for quiet enjoyment. Come and take the easy-going mini-tour in a single day!
Exploreing Taipei’s closest forest and discover tree ferns that already existed during the dinosaur era
Walking along the Ma’an ancient canal Trail   Wulai Log Cart is driving