《The heart of Alishan Forest Railway》

Video introduction

Professional Craftsmanship secures the Forest Railway
To preserve the value of the railway is our ultimate goal altogether.

With the efforts of those who uphold the honorable mission of guarding the Forest Railway, a hundred-year-old railway has been gorgeously renovated; they are the workers of the Forest Railway, the heart of the Alishan Forest Railway.

“Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office” was established on July 1, 2018. It has integrated the operations of planning, railway maintenance, railway service, rolling stock maintenance, and so on. It has also taken on the mission of practical fulfillment of “talent fostering” with a focus on cultural heritage by “dynamic preservation.”

It makes this moment a turning point in the history of the Alishan Forest Railway development.

Through the camera, the scenes including the charming railway, the beautiful landscape of Alishan and the helpers, the workers of the Forest Railway, who make the Alishan Forest Railway become the dynamic preservation of cultural heritage are captured in this video which presents to visitors how the workers of the Forest Railway strive to preserve the railway and how the railway craftsmanship is passed down from one generation to the next by the joint perspectives of their daily lives and work routines with the railways.

You are invited to explore the deep relationship between the workers of the Forest Railway and the national treasure “Alishan Forest Railway” that will touch your heart.
We have insisted on safety first; cultural preservation; tourism promotion; centennial development.