:::   Home The most amazing geological treasure in Taiwan - Uplifted Coral Reef Forest Trail The most amazing geological treasure in Taiwan - Uplifted Coral Reef Forest Trail
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The most amazing geological treasure in Taiwan - Uplifted Coral Reef Forest Trail

Explore Kenting’s unique forest ecosystem Kenting National Forest Recreation Area is Taiwan’s only well-kept uplifted coral reef forest ecosystem. 

Billions of years ago, the area was an undersea wonderland where corals, algae, and shells existed together. The undersea coral reefs were uplifted by the collision of the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate around 500,000 years ago, whereby the unique ecosystem was formed in Taiwan, creating the uplifted coral reef forests.

There are two touring routes dividing the recreation area into two districts. The first district mainly features various kinds of tropical plants; the most popular among them is the “Looking-Glass Mangrove” aged more than 300 years old. Besides this, the “Fairy Cave,” a stalactite cave formed by coral limestone, is a must-see popular scenic spot for every adventurer. The distribution of uplifted coral karst topography is in the second district. After passing the Seaview Tower and going through the Silver Dragon Cave, the walking White Bark Fig will appear in front of your eyes. It is just like the forest scene in the movie Life of Pi. Then, the other marvelous spectacle is reachable along the route. The giant White Bark Figs are on both sides, with the fig roots hanging from the coral reef cliff, forming an extraordinary scene called the Valley of Hanging Fig Roots. 
Explore Kenting’s unique forest ecosystem, such as its uplifted coral reef forest and limestone terrain.   Looking-Glass Mangrove

“A Thread of Sky” and “First Ravine” are spectacular topography created by the uplifted coral reef, a unique natural landscape and the most amazing geological treasure in Taiwan. No matter what scenic spots – caverns, speleothems in the karst caves, gorges, or cliffs – that you want to see, you may easily reach them by following the guide map. You needn’t worry about getting lost because you will be rewarded with wonderful surprises hidden within the crevices of the magnificent coral reef.
The Fairy Cave and the Silver Dragon Cave  A Thread of Sky

【Basic Information】

● Administrative Area:Hengchun Township, Pingtung County
● Altitude:200 – 300m
● Road Condition:Mountain paths and steps
● Trail Length:8.1 km
● Difficulty:Low
● Best Time for Hiking:Throughout the entire year
● Scenic Attraction:Uplifted coral reefs, solutional cave (karst cave)
● Time Required:4 hr (round trip)
● Route:1.Visitor Center→2.Green House→3.Flower Garden→4.Stalagmite Cave→5.Looking-glass Mangrove→6.Seaview Platform→7.Fairy Cave→8.Silver Dragon Cave→9.Valley of Hanging Fig Roots→10.A Thread of Sky→11.First Ravine→12.Ape Cliff
● Remarks:The estimated time required includes a guided tour