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Tourist-friendly Itinerary – Neidong Waterfall Viewing Trail


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If you would like to enjoy a green shower of negative ions, Neidong Waterfall is suitable for a family trip.


Famous for having the highest content of waterfall negative ions, Neidong National Forest Recreation Area is situated in a low-altitude forest environment where Nanshi River and Neidong River converge. The steep, magnificent canyon landscape formed by dissected rock cliffs at the upper reaches of Nanshi River is representative of the stream and canyon ecological environment at lower altitudes in northern Taiwan. With a bountiful water source and high humidity all year round, the environment of the Neidong waterfall area encourages the growth of prolific ferns and epiphytes.

Neidong Waterfall

An approachable “waterfall viewing trail” suitable for a family trip can be found near the entrance to the park. The trail stretches along the edge of Nanshi River, and nearly 65 fern species can be discovered within just hundreds of meters. In addition to enjoying picturesque mountain landscapes and the beautiful scenery of streams and valleys along the way, the whole park is shady, providing shelter from the hot summer sun. The cool and comfortable climate invites visitors to take a stroll to the end of the trail to appreciate the beauty of Neidong Waterfall, the waterfall that was once selected as “the most attractive waterfall in Taiwan”. Standing on Leshui Bridge, one can experience the grand and majestic momentum of the lower level of the waterfall. Heading upwards along the stone trail leads to a scenic lookout which provides a view of the upper level. The waterfall is even more spectacular and impressive at a closer distance.


The idea of “Forest for People, Forest for All” is fully implemented at Neidong National Forest Recreation Area, as it allows more visitors to come and enjoy the natural beauty without any difficulty. From parking spaces, traffic flow, trail design to accessible restrooms, visitors’ various demands and needs are thoughtfully taken into consideration. It is an awesome summer resort close to downtown Taipei.

Adults and children are strolling along the Neidong Waterfall Viewing Trail, and it is a age-friendly trail.

Why not take a trip to Wulai and enjoy the atmosphere of being surrounded by the forest together with your family? In an environment teeming with phytoncides and negative ions, let’s bring bountiful positive energy back into our home.

【Basic Information】

  • Location:Wulai District, New Taipei City

  • Altitude:230 to 800m

  • Road condition:Asphalt road, stairs and crushed stones

  • Length of the trail:2km round trip

  • Difficulty:low

  • Best season:All year round

  • Highlights:River, valley, waterfall, ferns, frogs, birds, butterflies, natural broad -leaved forests

  • Time required:2hr (round trip)

  • Itinerary:Neidong National Forest Recreation Area parking lot → waterfall viewing pavilion (Wusa Creek Waterfall) → Rahau Dam → Leshui Bridge (the lower level of Neidong Waterfall) → destination/waterfall viewing platform (the upper level of Neidong Waterfall) → return

  • Remarks:Time estimates are based on a guided tour.