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The only remaining cart railway in Taiwan – Wulai Log Cart

Wulai Log Cart is driving

Wulai District is a popular sightseeing spot in New Taipei City. Aside from taking a hot spring bath, riding the lovable Log Cart, the only remaining cart railway in Taiwan, is also a fun family-friendly thing to do with kids in Wulai.

Built in 1928, Wulai log cart was used to transport wood materials and lumbering machines and tools during the early days. Back then, the entire mountain area was covered with log cart tracks. As tourists began to flow in Wulai after the completion of road construction in the year of 1951, log cart transformed into a means for transporting passengers. The structure of log cart also changed from a hand-push type of four-wheeled wooden trailer to a power-driven Bong Bong Train. Dragged by a small-sized gasoline locomotive, the carriage of the train features making bong bong sounds along the way.

Wulai log cart station  Riding the lovable Log Cart is also a fun family-friendly thing to do with kids in Wulai

The pick-up point of Wulai Log Cart is located at the entrance of Wulai Old Street across from Lansheng Bridge. It is about 1.5km and a ten-minute ride to travel from the starting Wulai Stop to Waterfall Stop. The open carriage window and door design allows all passengers to enjoy the sight of the soothing green hills and forests along the way. Beside the log cart track lies the Lover Trail constructed along Nanshi River. It is recommended that you take the log cart up the hill and stroll down the mountain by taking Lover Trail for returning to Lansheng Bridge. Through log cart experience and low-intensity walking exercise, you will be able to properly stretch both the body and mind. It is suggested that you visit Wulai Old Street to experience the local culture, or either take a hot spring bath or savor local delicacies after the trip to end a wonderful day. This is the forest area closest to Taipei City, and we welcome you to come for a jaunt at any time.

If you are interested in the contexts of development of Wulai Log Cart, you are welcome to visit Wulai Forestry Life Museum, a log cart museum reconstructed from the waiting room of the early Waterfall Stop of Wulai Log Cart near Wulai Waterfall. You can learn about the history of forestry in Wulai District and marvel at the historical relics of Wulai Log Cart from former time. The totally free museum also collects records such as past life images and old-time photographs.

Wulai Forestry Life Museum  The totally free museum also has a collection of records such as past life images and old-time photographs.

【Story of Wulai Log Cart】

The primeval log cart looks very much like an upturned wooden four-legged table with simple wheels. It is unsophisticated but extremely convenient. Owning a log cart back then in the Wulai mountain area was as convenient as having your own car nowadays.

【Ticket Price】

▌Full-price ticket:$50 (single trip)
※Visitors over 13 years of age and under 65 years of age.

▌Concession ticket:$30 (single trip)
※Children over 7 years of age and under 13 years of age; the elderly: 65 years of age and over with supporting documents.

▌Free of charge:$0
※Persons with recognizable disabilities or a Disability Card and their guardian or necessary companion. Children under 7 years of age must be accompanied by an adult with an admission ticket. The maximum number of children accompanied by each adult is 2. Concession tickets should also be bought if exceeding the maximum limit.

【Opening Hours】

From 8:00 to 17:00 Summer period (July to August) from 9:00 to 18:00

【Traffic Information】

  1. Take MRT Xindian Line to the terminal Xindian Station and transfer to Xindian Bus route No. 849 (from Taipei to Wulai) before getting off at the terminal stop (Wulai Old Street).
  2. Pass through Wulai Old Street and Lansheng Bridge before reaching the pick-up point of Wulai Log Cart.