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Life in the forest


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Life in the forest – Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area

The grand finale of the year of Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area is performed inside the park during winter: the redness of the maple trees, the dazzling fallen petals and leaves, the azure sky, the chirping and twittering of the birds, the gentle breeze that wafts and the flow of light and shadow…accompanied by a book and a cup of coffee, the new experience of a forest jaunt is totally therapeutic.

Cherry blossoms in Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area  The redness of the maple trees  

Life should be wasted on wonderful things. Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area has mapped out green areas suitable for picnicking, sunbathing and simply daydreaming.The colorful and romantic natural landscape varies ceaselessly along with the changing of the seasons. Aside from Formosan sweet gum, sabino trees, cherry blossoms and waterfalls, Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area also abounds in other biological resources such as birds, butterflies and fireflies. People tend to spontaneously slow down their pace, sit, stand or simply lie down to follow the flow of light and shadow. At the end of the trail is the most popular, spectacular sight of the Aowanda Suspension Bridge where visitors can enjoy the stunning scenery of waterfalls and fantastic views of the pine and Formosan gum forests. Nonetheless, the most attractive thing is, just like the name of “Aowanda” where “Ao” means to go into the depth of something in the Atayal language, one should penetrate deeply into “wanda” to explore its charm between movement and rest. 

  Retention Basin  Hero Slope Trail

Satisfaction may be found in the insignificant daily routine. We can develop inspiration and sentiments from the experiences granted by our mother nature. We welcome you to visit Aowanda and try out the tree hugging experience. The comforting feeling brought by forest therapy is gained, and you will fall in love with this new journey when you realize the fact that tranquility is more impressive than any speech.