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Aowanda Forest Therapy – Bring back pure essence of body and mind

Forest therapy is actually an evolution of the concept of “forest bathing.” Led by a professional team, you can engage your five senses to experience nature and self-talk that bring back the pure essence of body and mind.

Read the books in Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area
Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area with its abundant natural resources and diverse ecosystem allows you to enjoy different explorations in the four seasons; in spring, you can observe flocks of Taiwan Yuhina in the blooming cherry blossoms at a close distance; in summer, you can bathe in the cool waterfall that generates anions with their health-giving benefits. However, the highlight of the year is found in autumn and winter when layers of red maple leaves and sabino trees create poetic scenes everywhere; the recreation area is surrounded by nature and exudes a slow-paced, relaxing atmosphere. You may register for a sensational short forest therapy trip led by a professional team. Through simple and health-driven healing activities, you’ll find a new experience other than strolling in the woods. 

Running on the grass   Breathe deeply together with the trees of the forest

This is a healing therapy with much intimacy between you and the forest. On the Aowanda plain, try taking off your shoes and socks, and stand on the moist soil with your bare feet. Follow the guidance given by the professional team of forest healing therapy, slowly inhale and exhale, feel the temperature of the land, experience the positive energy in the forest, the Phytoncides and anions. Or, you may listen to the sounds of insects and birds as well as a waterfall, with your eyes closed; it’s the wonderful melody of nature. While there, please find a tree, stay with it all by yourself for 20 min; you may either sit or lie down on the ground, or lean on or hug the tree. In your memory, when was the last time you got close to a tree? Explore yourself and the relationship between you and people as well as nature; you’ll find so much more than just a forest.

Forest therapy is a way to reacquaint yourself with your body; it’s also the most transparent approach to review the status of your body and mind. Would you like to experience a trip with a mind-body healing program? Currently, from time to time Aowanda National Recreation Area hosts a series of experiential activities for getting close to the forest and unlocking the five senses. The activities are held within the recreation area including the forest trails, Maple-watching Trail, flying waterfall, Double waterfalls, and Bird-watching Platform. The program integrates natural elements of different seasons, and the activities are designed with mind-driven and physical fitness purposes.
Embark on a journey where you can feel the healing and relaxing powers of the forest.

Come and join the program – a very different short trip for forest therapy. Allow the forest to make your body and mind become sound and healthy again, and encounter your deeper inner self at the same time. For more details, please go to the official website of Aowanda Natural Education Center. Or, you may call +886-49-297-4499 to make inquiries about activity information.