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Taiwan’s Must-Do Mountain Forest Activities

A selection of Taiwan’s three must-do activities, healing therapy, observation, and adventure, cater for both static and dynamic styles. There’s more fun to expect from the mountain forests in Taiwan. 

Aowanda Forest Therapy 
This is a healing therapy with much intimacy between you and the forest. Under the guidance of the professional team of forest healing therapists, you can calm your mind as you stroll in the forest, slowly inhaling and exhaling to experience the positive energy of the forest, the Phytoncides and anions. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of insects, birds and a waterfall. Or, you may find a tree, stay with it all by yourself for 20 min; you may sit, lie down on the ground, lean on, or hug the tree. Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area has various kinds of natural elements, including mountain forests, waterfalls, and birds. You may take off your shoes and socks to step on the cool soil with your bare feet, embrace nature with the most comfortable approach, get close to the earth and use your senses to enjoy a deep experience of the diversity of the forest landscape in Aowanda.  
Embark on a journey where you can feel the healing and relaxing powers of the forest.   Read the books in Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area
The forest therapy program is held within the recreation area including the forest trails, Maple-watching Trail, flying waterfall, Double waterfalls, and Bird-watching Platform. The program integrates natural elements of different seasons, and the activities are designed with mind-driven and physical fitness purposes. Come and join the program, a very different short trip for forest therapy. Allow the forest to make your body sound and healthy again, while encountering your deeper inner self. (For more details, please go to the official website of Taiwan Forest Recreation/Aowanda Natural Education Center. Or, please call +886-49-297-4499 to make inquires about activity information.)

Nocturnal Wildlife Watching in Dasyueshan
In the Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area at the middle-altitude, you may explore the abundant natural ecosystem both day and night, and especially at night! When night falls, it’s a world of wild animals. Keep your senses sharp to listen to the sounds of the mountain forest. You may have the chance to see the Formosan serow  foraging in the forest, the barking Formosan Reeve’s Muntjac, and the White-faced flying squirrels nibbling leaves on the trees. If you’re lucky enough, you may see a White-faced flying squirrel gliding through the forest; it will make you exclaim with surprise! They are the three animals known as the “Three Treasures of Dasyueshan.”
Visitors can start observing wildlife by themselves, but there is also an event, “Nocturnal Wildlife Watching in Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area” held during July until November every year by Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area. Come and join the event! The volunteer commentators will provide professional guidance to help you discover the animals hidden in Dasyueshan. (For more details, please call +886-4-2587-7901)

White-faced Flying Squirrels   Moltrechti's green treefrog

Kenting Cave Adventure
If you’re an adventurer, you can’t miss Taiwan’s most-do cave adventure tour in the mountain forest. The scenes inside the cave are like those from the movie “Tomb Raider.” The fascinating geological treasure refers to the unique limestone terrain in Kenting National Forest Recreation Area. We strongly recommend the must-do route, “Fairy Cave” and “Silver Dragon Cave.” With the lighting, the atmosphere becomes more mysterious. Especially when walking on the long, narrow, winding path, you will find a new fantastic scene around each corner, including formations associated with various deities in the east, or the layered stalactites forming the shape of dragon scales. We can assure you that the magnificent scenes in the caves are a unique geological landscape only found in Taiwan.

Fairy Cave  &Silver Dragon Cave   The Fairy Cave and the Silver Dragon Cave

To know more about the formation of Karst Topography and the interesting stories about the natural ecology, Kenting Forest Recreation Area provides guided tour services in foreign languages; for more details, please call +886-8-886-1211.