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The Tree that Hits the Moon - Cryptomeria-like Taiwania


Cryptomeria-like Taiwania is one of the endemic species of Taiwan and the only species named after Taiwan (Taiwania) in the botanical society. Distributed only in regions of Taiwan, Yunnan, and Myanmar, Cryptomeria-like Taiwania is a precious, rare world-class species.

Cryptomeria-like Taiwania, a living fossil which migrated from the east Himalayan mountain ranges, Indochina, and Yunnan during the last ice age, is mainly distributed in the cloud belt mountain areas at altitudes of 1,800 to 2,500. Composing pure forests in the high mountain areas of Taiwan together with cypress from Japan or North America, Cryptomeria-like Taiwania has proven that Taiwan is truly the Noah's Ark for plants.

Named after Taiwan, Cryptomeria-like Taiwania is the only genus and species in the whole world that is regarded as the world-class ancient treasure, together with Dawn redwood, Maidenhair tree and Giant redwood. Since Cryptomeria-like Taiwania, the tallest tree variety which can reach up to 90m (equivalent to 30 stories high) in Taiwan, is a gigantic tree that towers into the clouds as if it could exchange greetings with the moon, an adorable nickname “the tree that hits the moon” was given to it by the Taiwanese indigenous Rukai. The raised branches are like Christmas tree branches, only there is no snow for decoration in subtropical Taiwan.

Cryptomeria-like Taiwania that travels through time and space continues to rise subtly toward the moon. When you get the chance, don’t forget to look around and try to find in which national forest recreation area it hides.