Taichung|Taiwan’s endemic bird observation with forest culture in the 1960s|2-Day Tour

Early-morning birdwatching   


Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area is located in a deep-mountain forested area in Taiwan’s Taichung City, about a two-hour drive from the urban center. The park has a rich forest ecology, with four forest zones: subtropical, warm, temperate, and cold. Each possesses its own unique arboreal ecology, providing a good habitat for wildlife. This is one of the best birdwatching areas in central Taiwan, with good chances of sighting Mikado Pheasant, Swinhoe’s Pheasant, and Taiwan Bamboo Partridge. The fauna ecology of the Dasyueshan forest nights is also rich, with appearances by Formosan Reeve’s Muntjacs, Formosan Serows, White-faced Flying Squirrels, and other denizens of the forest.
Hiking in the Syueshan Giant Tree Trail
Dasyueshan was one of central Taiwan’s most important forest areas in days past. After logging operations ceased, the Forestry Bureau energetically engaged in cultural transformation and preservation efforts. What was the biggest lumber factory in East Asia in the 1960s was transformed into the Dongshih Forestry Culture Park, where precious historical relics and ecological resources from the forest products industry have been preserved.
   Bird watching   Mikado Pheasant

Forest Bathing Trail/Syueshan Giant Tree Trail
The natural forest here, composed of Taiwan Red False Cypress, Taiwan Cypress, Chinese Hemlock, and broadleaf trees, is characterized by its luxuriant original growth. The trail is primarily made of wood-plank walkways, sleeper stairs, and dirt paths, smooth and easy for walking. The vegetation structure of the forest interior is complex, and the birdlife is rich and diverse, with such residents as members of the Laughingthrush family, the Tit family, and the Grey-chinned Minivet. The middle and final part of the trail is one of the park’s few places offering predictable viewings of the Formosan Whistling Thrush, Little Forktail, Plumbeous Water Redstart, and other avian residents.

Hiking in the Forest Bathing Trail

Bird watching on Forest Bathing Trail

White-eared Sibia peck  Many-seed Idesia fruits


Dasyueshan Visitor Center, sunset and sea of clouds viewing

Enjoy the sunset in Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area


Dasyueshan Night Probe
Eco-tour observation of nocturnal animals including the White-faced Flying Squirrel, Formosan Reeve’s Muntjac, Formosan Serow, and Formosan Gem-faced Civet

The fauna ecology of the Dasyueshan forest nights is also rich, with appearances by White-faced Flying Squirrels.

Pointed-scaled Pitviper


Syueshan Giant Tree
Along the Syueshan Giant Tree Trail, hikers pass through a mixed coniferous/ broadleaf forest featuring Taiwan Hemlock, Huashan Pine, and Taiwan Rhododendron. What strikes the visitor is the towering and majestic posture of the trees, and the luxuriant foliage of the Syueshan Giant Tree. Looking up at this great red cypress, which is around 1,400 years old, one cannot help but feel a sense of smallness and awe.

Take photos of the Syueshan Giant Tree

Hiking in the Syueshan Giant Tree Trail
Dongshih Forestry Culture Park
Dasyueshan was once an important central Taiwan logging center, which possessed the biggest 1960-era lumber factory in East Asia, and the first Taiwan logging center where mechanical felling was utilized. It was transformed into the Dongshih Forestry Culture Park. In keeping with the global eco-protection movement, this place has been crafted into a unique woodcarving eco-aesthetics park as well.
The old log storage pool has been adapted into a scenic site decorated with drift wood, “floating islets” and lotus

Lumber ladder



▲The itinerary may be adjusted slightly depending on the time of the tour, the weather conditions on the day, or other special or unforeseeable factors.